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Mindfulness Classes For Schools & Children 

“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”
Dalai Lama

At the center of our mission lies supporting and educating children and educators in developing a connection between body, mind, and heart. We offer techniques and training that can help to support children in developing emotional intelligence and self-regulation.


Mindfulness in School Programme

Start a mindfulness curriculum at your school with our help. This is an introduction to the full mindfulness program which can become an addition to your SPHE curriculum. 


CPD Teacher Trainings

Every summer we provide 20h and 40h long CPD teacher training online courses for teachers. They are approved for 3 and 6 EPV days. We focus on teachers' well-being and Mindfulness Introduction courses, creative thinking, and philosophy in schools, brain-based learning, and understanding the mechanism of stress response in the context of effective learning,  neurodiversity, and well-being in schools.


Mindfulness For Teenagers

We have programs available for transition years. Being able to drop into the space of stillness and finding balance within is so important, especially at this transition age. 
We offer sessions, school programs, and online courses for teenagers.

Primary school kids, wearing school uniforms and backpacks, running on a walkway outside t

Well-Being at Schools Audit 

After the pandemic, there is an even stronger emphasis on improving well-being in school policies and activities. Well-being is a complex topic. We focus on developing emotional intelligence, self-regulation, mind-body awareness, psycho-education, compassion, anxiety, trauma-informed practices, and building neurodiversity awareness. We will help your school to adapt to the needs of the new generations and create an environment where children and teachers can thrive. 


Sound Relaxation

Children naturally connect with music and sound. It is a tool that helps them to relax but also learn about emotions and feelings they experience when listening to music. We have a variety of wonderful instruments that help children to relax deeply. They love to listen to and engage in playing. We run once of sessions or can organise few week's programme.

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Creative Thinking and Philosophy

Creativity is one of many important pieces that make our life vibrant and satisfying. It is essential to children's development and well-being. Increases self-confidence, and emotional intelligence, and improves problem-solving and social skills. Creative thinking is natural to children and it should be nurtured and encouraged by teachers and parents.

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