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Create work-life balance by promoting a positive working environment and mental health awareness. Support your employees with mindfulness-based and relaxation techniques. 

Available online and onsite.

Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness meditation is a secular practice. Supportive of any individual’s cultural background. Appropriate for all ages and abilities. This program is designed on the basis of extensive research showing the benefits of meditation for wellness at work and greater productivity.

Find out how mindfulness can benefit your company and employees. Contact us for more information.

Introduction to Mindfulness, 90 min seminar

Sound Magic Ireland offers your team an online seminar during which we introduce you to stress reduction tactics based on mindfulness and other techniques. 

You will get a chance to try mindful breathing practice, discover some simple tips to look after your mental health and balance at work and learn about the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Especially now, when many of us have to work from home, this practice will help you to stay centered, balanced, and focused, while you look after your well-being at the same time.


The seminar is done in a form of a teleconference on Zoom for up to 20 people. For bigger groups please contact us for a quotation.

Cost for the online seminar: € 300


For the on-site program, please contact us for a quotation.

Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Management - 8 weeks course

Help your employees develop a mindfulness practice that will support their well-being long-term.

Courses are available on-site (locally) live - online and as a self-paced online education.


Eight-week sessions include:

  • 8 x 60-minute sessions on theory and practice of mindfulness weekly.

  • Course material is being emailed to all participants in digital form or is available on the learning platform for the entire year, depending on the course.

  • Relaxation and meditation audio files for home practice.

Cost for the online program: € 1600 (€200 per session for up to 20 people)

For the on-site program, please contact us for a quotation.

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