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We offer once-off or weekly programs with sound relaxation and mindfulness

for primary and secondary schools.


Discover the benefits of sound and mindfulness with a fun, interactive curriculum.

Mindfulness, Arts and Crafts, Sound Relaxation, Storytelling, Games, Fun with a brain science 

Children will get a chance to experience the sounds of instruments and have a chance to play them. We are using mainly singing bowls, gongs, chimes, bells, drums, etc.

We will be practicing 10 min of mindfulness curriculum and 50 min of other mindful activities like arts and crafts, making music, games, etc.  If your school has less time, we can introduce short sessions with mindfulness only.


In the center of this program lies strongly well- being of the teachers and separate sessions for staff are highly recommended to have long term positive effect on the whole school and understanding of the techniques.



Benefits of the sessions:


  • reduce stress,

  • learning self-regulation tools to face difficult emotions,

  • increased self-control, patience, stillness,

  • improves focus and concentration,

  • learning breathing techniques,

  • learning about the body, mind, and emotions,

  • self-confidence, self-compassion, empathy,

  • making new friends,

  • better listening skills 


Benefits of mindfulness in schools- click here


About Sound Magic for Children


The sound of singing bowls is good for all age groups, including infants.

Children respond very well to the sound of singing bowls, even a very active child can relax or fall asleep during the session.

These sessions help to bring balance and peace. 

All of us and especially children need to be able to stop and relax in a safe space. 

Guided relaxation is a great tool to relax children. 

To make it more interesting, instructions are taking the form of a story. 

I am creating a space where they can explore the sound, listen, or play the instruments and gently fall into deep relaxation.

They also learn how to be mindful and practice the importance of kindness towards ourselves and others.

Sometimes singing bowls are placed on the palm, stomach, back, or chest. It gives the children a chance to experience waves of sound and vibration and sound can be felt with the whole body not only our ears.

When striking the bowl, the person feels a vibration going deep inside the body, spreading and fading away. 

In a space where the sound magic happens, breathing slows down and becomes deeper, muscles relax and the mind calms down.

During the session children often fall asleep taking a good rest, free of worries, allowing the vibration to relax them deeply.

The research has shown that sound therapy is a wonderful tool to relax children and engage them in a positive activity.



Main effects of sound therapy and singing bowls for children:


  • relaxes breathing

  • releases of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness

  • lowers heartbeat

  • boosts of the immune system

  • improves of sleep pattern

  • works on the level of body cells by revitalizing them

  • restores peace and happiness

  • calms the mind

  • awakens creativity, imagination, concentration

  • empowers, increase self-esteem and self-love

  • promotes kindness and compassion towards others

  • helps to deal with feelings and difficult emotions

  • lowers stress and anxiety

  • helps to deal with grief, soothes the heart



Sound Therapy Relaxation for Children Mayo Galway
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