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Sound Bath, Relaxation, Community Drumming in Co. Mayo and Co. Galway

Hen Parties, Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Family Gatherings

Share unforgettable memories with your family and friends on your special day. Add an extra depth to this moment of important transition in your life by bringing aspects of mindfulness, self-care, and community spirit. Let go of worries, set positive intentions, and be celebrated by your loved ones. 



We are delighted to offer you a unique and immersive experience for your upcoming celebration. Our sound bath and drumming circle package is designed to create a harmonious and rejuvenating atmosphere for your hen party, birthday celebration, baby shower, or family gathering.


We can arrange the sound bath and drumming circle at a location of your choice or recommend suitable venues in Co. Galway, Co. Mayo or Sligo based on the size of your group.

Our skilled facilitators will guide you through the session, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


We understand that each celebration is unique.

Let us know if you have any specific requests or themes in mind, and we will tailor the session accordingly.


We are delighted to offer our assistance in planning your special day. Our aim is to alleviate the stress of sourcing local catering, cake, and decorations by taking care of these aspects for you.


Situated in a serene location in Co.Mayo, the venue is a unique old Kirk that adds a touch of charm to our activities. Additionally, it is conveniently located 35 min from the Knock airport and just 20 minutes away from the charming village of Cong, an ideal spot for memorable photoshoot sessions.


Together we will create a customized program tailored specifically to your group. This program can span from 3 to 5 hours and may include activities such as sound bath relaxation, a drumming circle, a rejuvenating mountain hike, or even the opportunity to create an art piece together. Our venue can accommodate up to 16 people, ensuring an intimate and exclusive atmosphere for your celebration.


Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying quality time with loved ones, Co. Mayo can surprise you with its beauty. Create unforgettable memories as you gather together in this historic space. Located just 35 minutes from Ireland West Airport! 

Co. Mayo boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Ireland, with Lough Corrib - the second largest lake in Ireland - and Lough Mask just a short drive away. Situated only 20 minutes away from the charming village of Cong, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and explore beautiful surroundings. 

For those seeking adventure and outdoor exploration, Connemara is right at our doorstep. This enchanting region boasts magnificent landscapes, including rugged mountains, rolling hills, and breathtaking beaches. 


The retreat is housed in a hidden gem 1856 Manse, renovated with great attachment to detail, ensuring that your accommodation is of the highest standard. With comfortable amenities and a beautiful old Kirk that serves as an amazing venue for your gathering. The retreat can accommodate up to 14 people.

Please note that the retreat requires a minimum stay of 2 nights and operates on a self-catering basis. This allows you the flexibility to plan your meals according to your preferences and dietary needs. A fully equipped kitchen provides all the necessary amenities for you to prepare delicious meals and enjoy quality time together.

You can rent the accommodation exclusively for your private use and we can offer to conduct one or two activities during your stay, such as a candlelit sound bath or drumming session. Beauty treatments and massages are also available. This allows you to have complete privacy while still enjoying some of the unique experiences we offer.

In addition to the self-catering option, we are happy to customize a wellness retreat with organic and healthy meals for your specific needs. Providing various activities to enhance your overall well-being. Our range of activities includes mindfulness sessions, relaxation techniques, sound bath, drumming workshops, exploring local areas, hill hiking, and even beauty therapy and massage treatments. These activities are designed to promote relaxation, inner peace, and connection with nature.

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