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Mindfulness & Corporate Wellness in Ireland 

Corporate Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Put the well-being of your employees at the center of your company.
Create a positive and healthy work environment, boost self-esteem, reduce stress levels at your workplace, and increase
job satisfaction and productivity.


Build awareness and practical skills to improve the well-being of your employees. Our seminars are available online or at your office. Our professional team will deliver talks with practical tips on a wide range of topics related to stress management and cultivating a healthy mind and body.


Popular topics include:

  • Improving your sleep habits

  • Mindfulness and building emotional regulation

  • Breathe fully - Buteyko breathing method

  • Practical tips for surfing the wave of anxiety and panic attack

  • Well-being at work - building positive relationships, and the art of communication.


Explore ways to bring more fun and engagement into your team. Creative thinking circle.
Creating space for connection, attentive listening, and creative thinking gives your employees a sense of empowerment and community. Rhythmical team building- drumming circle, will provide plenty of fun, and movement, and boost the positive mood and well-being of your employees.
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Corporate WellBeing Workshops & Programmes in Ireland 

Give your employees the opportunity to relax deeply with the sound bath experience.
Help them build stress resilience and positive mental habits with 8 weeks mindfulness course, mindful movement, or Qi Gong. Relaxation-based events at your office and online.

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