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and Facial Reflex Therapy

Claim up to €50 back on your massage treatments, if you have a policy with Irish Life Health Insurance. 

Relaxing Massage


Lomi-Lomi Massage


Lomi-Lomi is known also as the holistic Hawaiian Temple bodywork. It used to be practiced by shamans to transform energy in the important moments of people’s lives and to create harmony and clarity within. This massage works in a gentle but powerful way, relieving physical and emotional tensions caused by energy blockages. It concentrates on loving touch, awareness of breathing, and intention.

It is done with a slow rhythmic motion using forearms. Long and flowing massage strokes - up, down, under, and over the body make it a unique experience and helps to achieve deep relaxation. The sensation of floating on an ocean wave, often experienced during treatment, can be described as a surrender of self, that brings about well-being and happiness.

In my practice, I combine techniques I have learned during my massage experience over the last 14 years. Each massage is customized to fit the needs of each individual person. I may use some techniques from Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Lom-Lomi, or Acupressure. During the treatment, I encourage you to practice conscious breathing and mindfulness for the greater benefit. I stay away from routines and let your body guide me during the whole process. For me, performing massage is not only a physical routine but also a meditation practice, and I always offer my clients my full attention and time to enjoy the experience. 


4 Hands Lomi-Lomi Massage

This unique and beautiful treatment is performed by 2 massage therapists, dedicated to assisting you on your journey of transformation. We are using Lomi techniques with very well-synchronized movements to promote a deep feeling of relaxation with gentle, flowing strokes. The massage is tailored to your needs and can be gentle or performed with deep tissue strokes if you need it. This form of massage can work on a very deep emotional level, supporting your emotional healing, stress reduction, and releasing sadness held in the body, muscles, and tissues. It helps to restore the natural flow of life force through nurturing and loving touch. 

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Sound Massage

Sound Massage is a very relaxing treatment, during which the practitioner uses singing bowls and sometimes other instruments. They are placed on the body - stomach, chest, back, as well as joints, feet, and palms. Bowls can be also placed around the body, without physical touch. This way it makes it safe to be received by pregnant women, and cancer patients. It is recommended for insomnia, stress relief, and anxiety, bringing back a sense of calm and relaxation, quieting the mind, and allowing the body to rest and regenerate.

Treatment usually lasts between 50 min and 90 min, which allows the mind to relax deeply. Short treatments 20 min - 40 min are also available for children or as an extra relaxation after the Lomi- Lomi massage.


Vibrations and frequencies of the bowls go deep into the body, causing muscles to relax, deepening the breathing, and calming the mind. 


Other physical benefits of sound massage include improving sleep, rebalancing an immune system, improving concentration, reducing stress, helping with pain relief and tension.


Please contact me in advance by email or call to book your massage

Price list:


€75 - 60 min Lomi - Lomi Relaxation massage

€90 - 75 min Lomi - Lomi Relaxation massage

€50 - 40 min Back, Shoulders, Neck massage

€40 - 30 min Relaxing Head and Face massage

€40 - 30 min Feet and Legs massage

€80 - 60 min Facial Reflex Therapy                                

€75 - 60 min Singing Bowls relaxation massage      

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