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Online mindfulness course 

Mindfulness is a particular state of mind, a special kind of awareness that emerges from paying attention to the present moment experience, without judgment, with curiosity and openness towards any experience. It is a way in which we can reconnect with our emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts. With practice, mindful living can become the way we choose to engage with life and the world and lessen our suffering, which we create through attachment.  

Cultivating mindfulness helps us see life from the perspective of transience and thus appreciate and enjoy life more, no matter what our circumstances are. We cannot change the past or predict the future, but we can consciously live the present moment. More awareness is conducive to making better decisions and developing deeper relationships with others and with yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice that helps to develop the mindful mind. The roots of mindfulness go back to ancient Buddhist teachings, in particular, the Vipassana tradition but are not limited to it. 

Paying attention to the present moment, and appreciating life in this way, or awareness of the breath was known in many cultures and this knowledge lies within us if we learn to listen deeply to our inner guide. 

This course was developed to help you:

  • Manage stressful situations better 

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety levels 

  • Live more consciously 

  • Find inner peace and balance 

  • Learn to deal with pain and emotional suffering

  • Connect with yourself and learn to listen to your body and heart 

  • Develop kindness, compassion, and self-acceptance 

  • Learn how to deal with reactivity, panic attacks, anxiety, and strong emotions 

  • Develop the ability to emotional self-regulation. Learn how to calm the nervous system 

  • Improve relationships with others and develop understanding and acceptance of yourself and others 

  • Improve your quality of life and start enjoying life 

  • Turn off the automatic pilot 

  • Take back control of your life

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Contact us for the full curriculum


Flexibile learning

The course is available 24/7 for 1 year. You learn at your own pace.


Quality and Professional Content

The course is one of the most comprehensive mindfulness courses on the market. Backed up with 11 years of professional experience, personal practice, and continuous studying of the newest information in the field of mindfulness and other mind-body-related topics.



You can access the course on all the devices. All you need is internet access.


Clarity and Practicality

This course is a perfect union of theoretical knowledge with the latest scientific discoveries and practical tools to help you develop a regular mindfulness routine and use it in everyday life situations.


Engaging content

Variety of educational materials, including video lessons, presentations, animations, audio lessons, and PDF materials. We recognize that content needs to be interesting and engaging for us to learn effectively. 


Tailored to your needs

The course variants are tailored to your individual needs, offering you the opportunity to work in a group or on your own at self-pace.







1 year








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Mindful Living course Mindfulness Presen
Mindful Living. Benefits of the practice
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  • You will learn about the definition and essence of mindfulness practice and what mindfulness is not

  • You will learn the history of mindfulness

  • You will learn about the effects of meditation and mindfulness on the brain and learn about the latest research in this field

  • You will learn how to practice mindfulness safely in post-traumatic stress situations / post-traumatic situations, or when increased awareness causes the release of unconscious past traumas

  • You will discover the benefits of mindfulness in various areas of your personal and professional life

  • You will discover that you may think differently

  • You will learn about the habits of the mind that can lead to well-being and awareness

  • You will learn to apply mindfulness in your daily life and discover how every activity you do can become an opportunity to practice it

  • You will improve your level of attention

  • You will learn to apply mindfulness in your relationships with others

  • You will learn to apply mindfulness to your own personal growth 

  • You will learn to recognize your habits of reacting to stressful situations and you will learn self-regulation tools that allow you to reduce the level of stress and activate the mode of conscious problem solving and behavior in difficult situations

  • You will develop a kind and understanding attitude towards yourself and others

  • You will learn to look at the world from a different perspective and develop empathy

  • You will learn and tame the obstacles in mindfulness practice

  • You will learn to deal with anxiety, anger, and other intense emotions

  • You will learn about tools to help you reduce pain and stress levels

  • You will learn how to apply mindfulness in everyday life


"For me, you are a star, didn't expect to get such benefits...all your tips eg. block meditation, posture, etc....good for me you moved from Poland....and you are SO accommodating...full marks from me"

Mary Walshe (Mindfulness course Claremorris)

" I absolutely loved 1-day Mindfulness & Relaxation retreat with Kasia & Lukasz. They provided a sacred safe space for healing. Time for my soul to heal & recharge & relax to healing sounds. Their sound healing is out of this world!!! They are such Beautiful, Gentle, Loving & Gifted Healers."

Jennifer C. (1-day mindfulness and relaxation retreat Cong)

"I attended individual stress management and mindfulness program with Kasia. The results were great. It helped me gain more positive energy and affected my life positively greatly. I truly recommend mindfulness training with Kasia."

Rafał Muller (private mindfulness coaching)

Zdjęcie profilowe gong_edited.jpg

My personal experiences inspired me to search for methods, techniques, and therapies that could help me cope with stress, trauma, and panic attacks. Among many of them, I found Vipassana meditation and mindfulness that played the greatest role in the process of my healing.
I have been practicing meditation since 2011.
I am a certified mindfulness instructor. I hold a certificate in trauma recovery and a train the trainer certificate. 

I support women who have experienced birth trauma, and postpartum depression, and I promote gentle birth techniques and mindfulness to support mindful birth and well-being of mothers during postpartum.
I work with children, promoting mindfulness and relaxation in schools. I train teachers in Ireland in promoting emotional intelligence and mindfulness in schools.
I am an owner of Sound Magic Ireland, through which I promote sound relaxation and meditation since 2011.
I am a funder of Mindfulness Haven Academy, which was created to support the emotional well-being of adults and children, promote mindfulness and meditation, and offer professional courses for those who wish to become mindfulness teachers.
For over 11 years I have been working with groups, teaching mindfulness relaxation, and meditation, organizing sound baths, and providing mindfulness courses, and training in English and Polish.

30th of FEBRUARY 2024 


Approximately 20h of online learning time. 2,5h per week if done within 8 weeks' time

Early Bird Price if you register before 30th of February 2024 (after €250)


Advantages of this package

  • This package has been developed for those who like to work independently in their own time, without the need for consultations with an instructor and the motivation of the group.
  • Self-paced learning. You start the course whenever you want.
  • You get access to the course for 1 year, so you can return to it and complete it when it is convenient for you.
  • The course is pre-recorded


Advantages of this package

Approximately 25h of online learning time. 20h of online pre-recorded materials and 5h of live webinars (recordings also available) 
Early Bird Price if you register before 30th of February 2024 (after €320)


If you could benefit from the program but you are in a difficult financial position, please get in touch with me. I offer 2 places on a donation basis. As there are limited places available, please consider those in need before applying for this place.

Donation based

  • The course begins on the 15th of April 2024 and lasts 8 weeks. You will have access to the course content on the e-learning platform for the full year.
  • This package was developed for those who want to deepen their knowledge and seek motivation and support in practice, through live group meetings.
  • You get everything that is in the basic package PLUS
  • 5 additional 50-minute live (also will be recorded for you to watch later) meetings at Zoom, during which we will practice mindfulness together, share challenges and successes with the practice, motivating each other. It is also a space for asking questions and deepening your practice.
  • You will be able to download materials and audio meditations, which will make it easier for you to access meditation at any time without having to log into the educational platform.
  • Access to a private group on FB, where we will be able to motivate and support ourselves together and stay in touch after the end of the course.
  • My additional support during the course in the form of emails.
  • The course takes place in a group of no more than 10 people. ​
  • This form of the course will allow the material to be adapted to the individual needs of the group. 
  • You will receive 8 tracks with a background for meditation and relaxation music recorded by us, containing sounds that help you concentrate, meditate, relax, and fall asleep, including relaxation with the sound of bowls and gongs.


Untitled design.png
We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the course and that it meets your needs. 
We offer a full refund for both options of the course up to 14 days from starting your course. After that time you will have access to the rest of the modules and refunds will no be longer accepted. 
That means that you have 1 week to try the first module and decide if the course meets your needs.
To apply for a refund you just need to let us know within 14 days from logging into the course.  You can do this by emailing us. No questions asked.
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