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20h CPD for registered teachers. Approved for 3 EPV days

Mindfulness is a practice and a way of life that allows us to stay in touch with ourselves and the present moment, with what is happening here and now, in order to learn to experience life consciously and fully.

Cultivating mindfulness helps us see life from the perspective of transience and thus appreciate and enjoy life more, no matter what our circumstances are. We cannot change the past or predict the future, but we can consciously live the present moment, thus influencing our relationship with the world, ourselves, and how we choose to live our lives. More awareness is conducive to making better decisions, developing deeper relationships with others and with yourself.

This CPD course was developed to support you in developing a personal mindfulness practice and improve wellbeing, develop emotional resilience in your daily life and at school, and manage stress skillfully.


You will also learn how to support your pupils with an age-appropriate curriculum for children 4-12.

This course includes education about trauma-sensitive modifications, monitoring system and safety procedures.

As mindfulness becomes more popular, it is often seen as a safe and effective practice. When this may be true for many people and children, this may not be the case for all. Mindfulness can be problematic for some people, and children, and without the right instructor's education and changing narrative about this practice to the full picture, including side effects and difficulties mindfulness can easily start growing bad reputation.

My mission is to provide professional education and support for the teachers, so they can feel confident and be equipped with the tools to manage challenges in introducing the practice to children.

Mindfulness curriculum should not be taken lightly, simply as another subject in the school. As a teacher, you have a lot on your mind already, and monitoring students, adjusting the program to the needs of diverse students, supporting them along the way with an understanding of the practice and difficulties is a lot to manage. I see a growing number of mindfulness activities in schools, which on one side is positive yet also see there is no consistency and understanding of the practice and therefore the effects are not very measurable Recent research shows that some children experience distress, anxiety and even shame after practising mindfulness. This is simply because of a lack of understanding and relevant knowledge about diversity and trauma but also from the way mindfulness is introduced in media, by the teachers as safe, effective and for everyone.  

We have to be aware of the diversity of children and their experiences. No one size fits all and as a teacher, you will have to be able to notice that and support children individually. 

During this training, I will be introducing you to the newest research about the benefits and side effects of mindfulness practice. As mindfulness was largely misjudged because of being taken out of the larger context, important points of the practice are being left out, which not only can result in low or no positive effects but also quite the opposite.

In this course, I want to focus on your self-care and personal practice as you are the person who will be able to help children self-regulate and feel safe. Your personal practice and understanding will be the key to supporting children during their practice. If you already have practice and finish some courses in mindfulness, you will have a chance to verify your knowledge.

Check your mindfulness level by filling our free online test


Flexibile learning

The course is available 24/7 for 8 weeks. You learn at your own pace.


Quality and Professional Content

The course is one of the most comprehensive mindfulness courses on the market. Backed up with the 10 years of professional experience, personal practice, and continuous education about mindfulness, psychology, child-centered fields of study, neuroplasticity, neuroeducation, with creative elements of arts, music, and philosophy. 



You can access the course on all devices. All you need is internet access.


Clarity and Practicality

This course is a perfect union of theoretical knowledge with the latest scientific discoveries and practical tools to help you develop a regular mindfulness routine and use it in everyday life situations.


Engaging content

Variety of educational materials, including video lessons, presentations, animations, audio lessons, and PDF materials, interactive exercises, quizzes, group forum. We recognize that content needs to be interesting and engaging for us to learn effectively. 


Person centered

A course is a person-centred experience. Apart from general materials available in the pre-recorded form, its main purpose is to connect people together, understand the needs and challenges that you face as a teacher, and learn from each other. A big part of the course is a group forum and our interaction. You receive my support throughout the whole course and follow up emails after the course.



















PDF Mindful Living Course 1-5-2.jpg
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Mindful Living course Mindfulness Presen
Mindful Living. Benefits of the practice
Mindful Living course. Presentation 7 St


  • How with the help of music, arts, crafts, audio meditations help children to explore and develop emotional intelligence, and how to introduce the concept and practice of mindfulness to children 4- 12 years old.

  • You will get to know the concept of neuroeducation and how to create a supportive and positive learning environment.

  • You will learn about modifications to the practice and working safety procedures when implementing mindfulness program in the classroom.

  • How to monitor the progress and challenges of your students.

  • Modifications of the practice and trauma-sensitive approach to the practice.

  • How to use accurate language to describe what mindfulness is, what is not listing both possible benefits and educating people about possible difficulties or adverse reactions that may follow the practice. 

  • You will receive ready to implement the curriculum with creative ideas for the full mindfulness program.

  • You will receive audio meditations and relaxation for your personal use.

  • You will receive workbooks for children 4-12, and a teaching manual for yourself.


"Yesterday was a very enjoyable and relaxing day in school, as we participated in a Sound Magic and Mindfulness class which was led by Kasia and Lukasz.

We got the chance to experience the sounds of lots of cool instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, bells, and drums. We found the class very relaxing and refreshing, so much so that some of us even nodded off during it!"

Glencorrib National School (Mindfulness and sound relaxation workshop)

Great excitement this week as our Creative Schools project finally took off. We welcomed Kasia who introduced us to Sound Therapy & Mindfulness. We were cocooned in our own cozy blankets as we tuned into our breathing & the sounds around us. She left a beautiful sound bowl for us to practice using our mindful bodies daily.

Mount Talbot National  (Mindfulness program)


KATARZYNA KRZYWON is the owner of Sound Magic Ireland since 2011, Mindfulness Haven Galway meditation studio in Galway city and Mindfulness Haven Academy- where she offers online courses in both her native Polish language and in English. 

She is a certified mindfulness instructor and trainer, with

a trauma-sensitive approach, sound bath, and relaxation facilitator, massage therapist, with a passion for exploring sound as a tool to enrich the process of relaxation, meditation, and self-healing. She promotes sound relaxation and meditation as a way of managing stress and supporting overall wellbeing and mental health.


Katarzyna is a certified mindfulness trainer with over 10 years of personal meditation practice.

Katarzyna holds the Mindful Schools Curriculum certificate and has a background in various curriculums intended for children and adolescents. Her mindfulness courses are uniquely designed to reflect her experience in working with children and adults for over 10 years. She continues to learn and bring new information to her training. She has a particular interest in neuroeducation, psychology, and promoting wellbeing at schools. 


Katarzyna holds the  “Train the Trainer” certificate, which is the basis for training people in professional competencies in Ireland, a certificate of the Clinical Trauma Specialist from Trauma Institute International, FETAC 5 Early Childcare Education, Fetac 6 Playtherapy Skills, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Massage in Schools, Rhythmical Alchemy Drumming Facilitation Skills, Sound Relaxation in Schools. She also has extensive training in different types of massage, including pregnancy massage.

She has been delivering workshops for children in Ireland since 2009. Promoting mindfulness and relaxation in schools, for communities, at events, summer camps, and family residential holidays.​

She trains teachers in Ireland and in Poland in promoting emotional intelligence and mindfulness in schools. Her courses are also aimed at professionals, psychologists, doctors, group training instructors, therapists, parents, and all those who want to develop professionally towards becoming mindfulness instructors and all those who are looking to set themselves free from stress and anxiety and learn how to look after their own wellbeing and happiness. 



My mission is to support children and teachers in developing emotional regulation.

Seeing rising numbers of suicides amongst teenagers and children and lack of sufficient support breaks my heart. Developing your mindfulness and compassion practice, and finding tools to connect with the young generation presents a unique opportunity for you as a teacher to make a difference.

Self-regulation starts from forming a supportive relationship with an adult. No curriculum or practice is going to work if this step is not done first. By looking after your own wellbeing and developing your heart you have a chance to change it.

*** By choosing my courses you are helping to support organizations in Ireland and around the world that help children, teenagers, and people in need of mental health support. 5% of all income from all of my courses goes to specific organizations every year.


Early Bird Price if you register before 31st of May 2021 (after €200)


Advantages of this package

  • The course will be available in the pre-recorded form on the e-learning platform


  • You will have 8 weeks to finish the course

  • You can choose the day of the week and time when it is the most convenient for you to do the course

  • You will still get the support of the instructor and be able to communicate with her through email or phone

  • You will have access to the group forum and sharing your experience with other teachers

  • You will earn 3 EPV days

  • This course is a level 1 to obtaining a professional certification for mindfulness instructors worldwide. Because as a teacher you have only 8 weeks  to access the course and you are not training for a mindfulness instructor outside of your school you are receiving this course for an exceptionally low price (providing you are a registered teacher) 

Heading 2

*Due to the nature of the summer courses for teachers, this course has a limited refund policy. Once started it cannot be refunded. However if for any reason you will change your mind you can return to the course not later than  14 days before the course starts. Please do this by emailing us and the full refund will apply. 

* The course will take place if the minimum participants' requirement is met. We will inform you not later than 14 days before the course starts if we will need to cancel the course.  

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