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Your safety and wellbeing are the priority of our work. Available places are limited to allow for appropriate distance between mats for your comfort and safety.

We ask not to attend the session if you have been in contact with the person with covid symptoms or positive test, or if you have any covid or flu symptoms. 

Restrictions for indoor classes have been lifted and we do not require passports, tests, masks, or declaration forms at our session.

However we have chosen to keep the number of participants at our sessions to 75% of the venue capacity, so everyone can feel comfortable and safe during the session with more space in between the mats. 


When entering the room please try to keep distance from each other and enter one after another. That will help us to avoid overcrowding in the hallway. 


We do not take cash and all tickets are pre-booked so we can efficiently deal with arrivals.


If you want to wear a mask, feel free to do so but we advise you not to wear a mask once you set up your space and lie on the mat. Consider that you will be lying down for 75 min and at times you may drift off to sleep during the session. For safety reasons, it is not advised or recommended by WHO to cover your mouth and nose when exercising or sleeping. As facilitators of the session that may be affecting you emotionally, it is important for us to keep an eye on everybody during the session and your breathing or facial expressions can help us to watch over you. We hope that other safety measures will help you to feel safe and comfortable. 


If you have any suggestions or worries in relation to attending the session or covid safety, please talk to us before or after the session.

If it is in our power we will do what we can to accommodate your needs and address your concerns.


We maintain cleaning standards between each session.

We ventilate and air the room before each session.

Please bring your own mats, pillows, and blankets for hygienic reasons. 


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we are trying to do our best to provide a safe and ongoing service for you. We thank you for your support.

Policy last reviewed on 29/06/2022

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