We want to make sure that your comfort goes hand in hand with safety and a relaxed atmosphere where you can let go of tension and anxiety. We have worked on some procedures that are required to run our sessions. Please familiarize with them.


We do not require covid passports at our sessions, but we follow the advice of the government strictly on the number of people allowed at indoor events who have mixed covid immunity. We do not support medical segregation. With that in mind, we do everything we can to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for everyone to be able to attend and relax. Your health and wellbeing is always our priority.


How do we comply with Covid Health and Safety regulations?


  • We provide social distance between the mats as per guidelines. Classes are limited to small numbers.

  • We ask to hold off with coming to the session if you had any COVID symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID

  • We ask you to bring your own mat, blanket, and pillow. (Mats can be provided also and are properly cleaned after each session)

  • Contact tracing and COVID free declaration forms on the entry.

  • Hand sanitisers available.

  • We ask to wear a mask when entering the premises (unless you have a medical exemption) After you settle at your designated space you can take off your mask, providing the social distance. Wearing masks during lying down relaxation, sleeping or exercising sessions is not recommended by WHO guidelines and HSE advice. 

  • We follow strict cleaning procedures between the sessions.

  • We ventilate and air the room before each session.

By booking your ticket you accept responsibility for your own informed decisions regarding mask-wearing or not wearing.


If you are in a risk group, with any serious medical conditions not related to COVID or you are over 60, we ask for your own judgment related to attending the session, considering all factors, safety procedures as for any other service you are attending. We want to assure you we follow HSE safety guidelines to provide a safe space for everyone and we will be happy to have you back at our sessions.

Your wellbeing and peace of mind are most important for us, so the decision has to be yours. There is no right or wrong one, and there will be no judgment about your decision. It is important for us that space allows for your comfort, relaxation and peaceful experience. We hope to welcome you back soon if you feel ready to attend. Do what feels right in your heart.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we are trying to do our best to provide a safe and ongoing service for you. We thank you for your support.