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Thank you for visiting our site. I hope that you will find inspiration on these pages that will guide you towards discovering your true potential and well-being.
Sound Magic Ireland is a project that combines together sound, relaxation, meditation, and various techniques that are known from having the potential to reconnect us with our body, calm the mind, and enter states of deep relaxation, and trance from where transformation, learning and healing can occur. 
I believe that each of us has self- healing abilities, and can access great wisdom from within if only we are able to reconnect with the Source we hold inside us. Deep states of mind that are often achieved with sound baths, yoga Nidra, or meditation can help us to rediscover this part of ourselves.
Together with my husband, we are passionate about creating a safe space and tranquil atmosphere to help you find this place within yourself where you can discover depths of your mind, the wisdom of your body, and find where it can guide you towards.
We recognize that each of us is unique, with different needs, life journeys, and experiences. That is why we promote self-exploring practices that give you the freedom to use them according to your own journey. You may find that some practices are more suitable for you than others. There is no one right way, but many paths that you can take to learn and grow. 
Sound Magic Ireland is a project that had its seed planted some time ago. Back in 2005, when we were still living in Poland. We attended a yoga retreat and experienced something really amazing during one of the relaxation sessions. Later we learned to be called a "Sound Bath" We were both surprised with how easy it was for us to switch off the mind and journey to the deep parts of the unconscious mind. I decided I will explore this practice to share it with others. Believing that relaxation and sound have great potential for deeper transformative and healing work. 
We moved to Ireland in 2005, and have been living in the West of Ireland since. Meanwhile, I was training as a massage therapist,, training for becoming mindfulness instructor, and exploring sound healing field with many teachers from around the world. I attended a number of courses to explore different aspects of sound healing over the years.
Since 2009 I was practicing Lomi-Lomi and Thai massage in Galway, exploring also the field of massage in childbirth, and during pregnancy.
Sound Magic Ireland was born in 2011. I started playing Sound Bath sessions in Galway and my husband joined me in 2014 with cocreating the sound magic experience for thousands of people, all over Ireland. The sound was proved to be very effective in helping to address stress-related issues, emotional and physical tensions, PTSD, anxiety, and many more. What I noticed was a unique quality of sound that was not only relaxing but had the potential to move people into the trance or hypnogogic state, that can be used to work with the unconscious mind in a very subtle and gentle way.

I am proud to say that I was one of the very first Sound Bath promoters in Ireland, and the first Sound Bath facilitator in Co. Galway.  I am happy to see this practice has grown so much here since then offering more people space to relax, and support their well-being.


The sound has become one of my favorites tools to assist with relaxation, and opening door to deeper levels of subconscious, reconnecting us with deep wisdom within. Every day we are exploring new ways in which the sound could be used to induce the process of self-discovery and self-healing.

Sound Magic Ireland is a way to share my experience and knowledge, but mostly it is my passion for helping others to feel at ease.  
Kasia Slabon
Lukasz Krzywon

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Join us for a deeply relaxing journey with the sound of gongs  and singing bowls


Learn and practice various meditation and mindfulness techniques to improve your life


Enter a state of deep rest. Access depths of your mind with "yogic sleep" practice


Manage stress, anxiety and panic attacks with meditation and relaxation techniques tailored to your  needs 


Find out more about our workshops focused on improving well-being and mindfulness courses 


Lomi-Lomi massage, originated from Hawaii is a beautiful  art of massage that will melt your tensions away and reconnect you with your heart


Enjoy your pregnancy massage and learn powerful techniques to transform the childbirth into unforgettable and positive experience


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Promote well-being and positive mental health at your work place with our programs, seminars and sessions


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