Thank you for visiting our site. I hope that you will find inspiration on these pages that will guide you towards discovering your true potential and wellbeing.

Sound Magic Ireland is a project that combines together sound, relaxation, meditation, Yoga Nidra and various techniques that are known from having the potential to reconnect us with our body, calm the mind, and enter states of deep relaxation.

We promote positive mental health amongst children, adults, mums to be and corporate world.

Together with my husband, we are passionate about creating a safe space and tranquil atmosphere to help you find this place within yourself where you can discover depths of your mind, the wisdom of your body, and find where it can guide you towards.

We recognize that each of us is unique, with different needs, life journeys, and experiences. That is why we promote self-exploring practices that give you the freedom to use them according to your own journey. You may find that some practices are more suitable for you than others. There is no one right way, but many paths that you can take to learn and grow. 

Sound Magic Ireland was funded in 2011 in Galway, In 2014 my husband joined the journey with me and we have played for thousands of people across Ireland since then.

The sound was proved to be very effective in helping to address stress-related issues, emotional and physical tensions, PTSD, anxiety, and many more. 

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