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Experience the Magic of Sound for Better Well-Being

If you are looking for ways to improve your well-being and emotional and mental health, you are in the right place. Explore a variety of relaxation and stress management techniques to bring more balance and peace into your life.

Experience the benefits of sound bath relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage therapy for stress reduction and anxiety. Improve your sleep, and energy level, learn self-regulation techniques, stress and panic attacks management

Sound Bath Meditation and Relaxation in Galway

Find Balance and Peace in Your Life With Tailormade Relaxation Services

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Sound Bath

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The Story of Sound Magic Ireland, Galway

Our Journey and Values

Sound Magic Ireland was born in 2011 in Galway. Within a few years, our sound baths have become popular not only locally but also across Ireland, providing a range of different well-being workshops and events at schools, retreats, community events, and corporate wellness events. Throughout the years we have extended our offer with mindfulness classes and courses, and a variety of stress reduction and relaxation techniques.
In 2019 we opened Mindfulness Haven Galway - a meditation studio in Galway, that had been providing mindfulness classes and courses in Galway for a wide range of groups. Due to covid, we had to close the studio in 2020 but we moved our mindfulness courses online to Mindfulness Haven Academy, providing a range of courses for professional development and self-development.
We are a small family business. With my husband, we value our clients and personal interactions with them. In the heart of our business lies compassion, the well-being of our clients, and their comfort, every time we interact with them. We see each person as a unique being with their own life story and needs, and whether we facilitate a group session or one-to-one experience we do our best to connect with each person and provide a safe space for them to restore balance and well-being.


Discover the Power of Sound Bath Meditation with Sound Magic Ireland

We share sound experiences with the thousands of people in Ireland every year, from Mayo and Galway to Athlone and Dublin. We are proud to have a wide range of instruments in our collection, including many unique gongs and singing bowls. We promote sound as a way to relax, and reset the nervous system but also learn meditation and mindfulness in a very gentle way. 


We are dedicated to creating awareness of positive mental health and the importance of emotional regulation and supporting people who experience prolonged stress, anxiety, panic attack episodes, postnatal depression, and PTSD.

Sound Bath Meditation Through Our Client Testimonials