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Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland


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Put the well-being of your employees in the centre of your company  

Create a positive and healthy work environment,

boost self- esteem, reduce stress levels at your workplace, increase job satisfaction and productivity.



We will prepare a relaxation and mindfulness session or a few weeks programme for your employees, to introduce your team to simple and effective stress coping strategies and deep relaxation techniques.

We also offer talks about understanding the brain, stress and how it influences bodies chemistry, health and performance at work and home.  


We offer :


•Group Sound Bath Relaxation 

•1 to 1 sound massage treatments (deeply relaxing sound massage over the clothed body)

•Mindfulness programme (regular weekly classes )

•Drumming (great and fun team-building activity with no previous experience needed )

•Mandala Art (Team building activity and mindfulness practice) 

•Talks about wellbeing and stress management at the workplace

•We can organize Corporate Wellness and Stress Management Retreats for your team in Ireland or Portugal











The positive physiological effects of sound therapy are backed by scientific proof.


Reduces stress, anxiety, tension, negative thinking and depression

Motivates & energies

Improves morale & employee engagement

Increases concentration

Boosts self-esteem

Inspires positive behavioural change

Helps to achieve greater focus and awareness

Helps to boost the immune system

Creates restful alertness and wakefulness

Improves memory

It makes people more energetic and powerful, more positive

It is an effective way to recover from sleep deprivation

helps to develop stress coping mechanism and teaches valuable relaxation techniques.





•The minimum length of the sound bath session: 1h

•The maximum length of the session: 2 hours

•Suitable for up to 50 people at one time, depending on the space available

  • we can host the session in our studio in Galway for up to 20 people in a very comfortable setting  which is specifically  equipped for relaxation  (Mindfulness Haven Galway, Terryland House, Headford Road, Galway)

  • we can visit your office and arrange the session there, tailoring it to your needs and space.

•Best results are achieved when lying down but it can also be done in a sitting position (with slightly less relaxation effect) 

•Contact us for cost quotation, distance is taken into account.



Please note that there may be few contraindications to use sound and mindfulness techniques. If your employee suffers from:

The sound triggered epilepsy or history of seizures. 

Serious mental health conditions e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar depression, advanced psychosis.