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Mum & Baby Sound relaxation (The session is tailored for young babies from about 6 weeks to pre-crawlers)


The space filled with peace and vibrating sounds of singing bowls, gentle gongs, bells, and various exciting instruments. It is lying down relaxation, allowing moms to take time to rest and restore mental and emotional health. It not only benefits and supports parents in those early months of parenthood and life changes but calms babies nervous system and offers space for the whole family to bond and thrive.

This is a supportive and nonjudgmental space where you can let go of any expectations and tensions and allow yourself to be held in loving and compassionate space. Babies usually fall asleep during the session but space is open to attend any needs of the baby, cries, feeding, nappy changing is welcome at any stage.

Please bring something to lie on, like a mat, duvets are great too, giving some extra comfort. Pillow, blanket and any additional support for yourself and a baby. With all necessities for your baby, remember to bring some water and snack for yourself.

The Sound Relaxation session is 45min long but if you want to stay and chat or relax for another 30 min you will have a space to do so, and I will be happy to listen or just hold a space for you.

Moms, dads are welcome, grandparents.

The cost is €15 per adult plus online booking fee. Up to two babies can come with one adult.

Please check with your insurance provider if they cover mom and baby classes for you.