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Calm - Rest - Relaxation


Benefits of Sound Relaxation:


  • Reduces stress, anxiety, tension

  • Motivates & energises

  • Helps to enter a state of relaxation and effortless meditation

  • Improves morale & employee engagement

  • Increases concentration

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Helps to achieve greater focus and awareness

  • Helps to boost the immune system

  • Creates restful alertness and wakefulness

  • It is an effective way to recover from sleep deprivation

  • Helps to develop a stress-coping mechanism

  • Teaches valuable relaxation techniques.


Do participants need to lie down or can they sit during Sound Bath?

Sound Bath is the most enjoyable while lying down. It allows the whole body to relax. But sitting down can also be an effective way of receiving it.

Do I have to bring anything with me for the Sound Bath?

If you require an equipment to enjoy the sound bath when lying down we can provide up to 20 yoga mats, blankets and eye pillows for sessions 1h long or longer at the extra cost. You can also ask participants to bring yoga mats and a blankets, alternatively something to place under the head. This is not necessary if the session is delivered while sitting.

Can I attend a Sound Bath if I am pregnant?

Yes! The Sound Bath experience can be very benefitial and enjoyable for both mum to be and a baby. Soothing and relaxing sounds will help help to calm the mind and relax the body.

Who should not attend the Sound Bath?

There are only a few contraindications to use sound and mindfulness techniques. The sound triggered epilepsy or history of seizures. Serious mental health conditions e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar depression, and advanced psychosis. Sound bath is a very safe relaxation method. People can experience it in different ways depending on the stress level, and the mind additation, but it is generally very relaxing and enjojable experience.

How many people can attend the Sound Bath?

We play for any number of participants, depending on the space available​. We can play for just a few participants or large gatherings.

How long is the Sound Bath?

The minimum length of the sound bath session is 1h The maximum length of the session is 2 hours. We also play with the minimum instruments during the seminars or mindfulness practice. This can be as short as 15 min practice.

What instruments do you bring?

We have a wide range of instruments available. Depending on the space available and duration of the session we can bring a MINI SET with a few singing bowls, chimes and handpan drum. Usually for a medium conference room and up to 20 people we bring MIDI SET of 8 singing bowls, chimes, hangdrum, rainstick, bells, drum, and 2 gongs. MAXI SET with up to 12 singing bowls, large chime bells, and up to 6 gongs for larger conferances. Cost will reflect the choice of instruments as it takes much longer to set up with more instruments and the session will have to involve two facilitatours.

How many facilitatours lead the Sound Bath?

Depending on the instruments required and our availability Sound Bath is done by one facilitatour or two. Number of facilitatours does not change the quality of the session but it is dependend on our availability that day. In case of larger gatherings we travel together to set up the space more effitiently. With MAXI SET UP we will travel together.

Is there any extra preperation time required?

Yes. Depending on the number of instruments. We will require a minimum time of 20 min before the session and 15 min after the session to set up the instruments. With the larger event we will require up to 40 min before the session and 30 min after. Any extra help with moving the instruments is always appreciated but not required.

Sound Bath online - Is it possible to have a good sound experience online?

During the lock down many sound practicioners started to introduce sound baths online. It took us many months to make sure that the recording equipment we have is at the highest quality and can provide the best experience for online participants. Because gongs are a particular instruments it is important to have knowladge and training in recording such instruments. We are working with the sound engineer and have developed the best way to provide such online sessions. Although it is a different experience than in the presence of those sounds it still can be an amazing one. It is important to use a good quality speakers or headphones when you listen to it, as listening from the smartphone speaker or poor quality laptop speaker will effect the sound. All you need to do is to find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing sounds. After the session you can go straight to sleep or take your time in waking up your body slowly, and coming back to your daily activities gently and slowly. You should not listen to those sessions while you are driving, as it may effect your concentration and it is not safe.