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Sound Massage is a treatment with the use of the singing bowls. They are placed on the body- stomach, chest, back, as well as joints, feet, and palms.

The client is fully dressed but is asked to take off any shirts with buttons and belts. Treatment usually lasts between 1h and 90min, which allows the mind to relax deeply. Short treatments 15- 30min are also available, to give you a taste of it, but they are too short to experience a deeper relaxation state.


The aim of the treatment is a deep relaxation and to harmonise the body, restoring its natural balance and activating the self-healing process. Vibrations and frequencies of the bowls go deep into the body, causing muscles to relax, deepening the breathing, calming the mind. 


Other physical benefits of sound massage including improved sleep, rebalancing of an immune system, improved concentration, deep rest and stress reduction, relief from pain and tensions, curing tinnitus.



After the session please avoid toxic substances, drink more water and be gentle to yourself. You may experience sudden emotions arising. Do not suppress them, just acknowledge them without judgment. It is a sign of your body letting go of things that no longer serve you and detoxification. Also because you have entered a deep meditation state you are able to notice and feel more, including your thoughts, emotions, body.