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What is Sound Healing?


Sound healing has a very old history. For ages, people around the world and in different cultures were using voice or instruments to create healing, visions or entering a deep meditation state.

Singing bowls have their origins in India, from where they travelled to Tibet and Nepal. They were often made in Nepal from a material that originated in Tibet. The ancient singing bowls were handcrafted out 5, 7 or 9 metals in a process involving chanting mantras and meditation. The monks believed in their special healing and meditation qualities. They believed that singing bowls could give teachings and visions carried with the vibration of the bowl. It is believed that Buddha's energy and teaching went into the bowl, his teachings could be received to the one who listened to the sound of the bowl. Singing bowls can transform a player's and the listener's being into a higher realm of the Buddha nature.

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