Creating Wellbeing When Working from Home

During the pandemic, as we are trying to stay responsible and safe, we may be dealing with some additional stress. Moving our work online and working from home present its own challenges.

We may miss social connections, experience lack of motivation, and forget about looking after our wellbeing.

We want to offer you our new online programmes and seminars to improve the wellbeing of your employees and the team from the comfort of your home.


Our classes and seminars are done live via Zoom. 

You can choose from a few options, depending on your needs:​​​​​​​

  • 30 min long mindful movement and meditation mini-breaks.

Practice simple Qi Gong exercises as a  form of a mindful moment to allow your body to rest from long sitting hours.  These sessions are available in a pre-recorded form.

Cost is dependent on your group size and number of classes.

  • 2 h long stress reduction workshop.

Exploring topics of stress, wellbeing, diet, sleep and practices that support our wellbeing and wellness in the corporate setting.

Cost: €450 group 10- 25. (For smaller or bigger groups contact us for quotation)

  • 60 min Yoga Nidra and sound relaxation session.


Ideal for a break at work or after work. Lie down on the bed or the floor, wrapped in a blanket, and listen to the guided progressive body scan instructions while being bathed in the sounds of singing bowls, chimes, and gentle relaxing instruments. We cooperate with the professional sound engineer to provide the highest sound quality available for this type of sessions. 

Cost: €350 (group up to 25) 

  • 8 -weeks long mindfulness programme

This is a Mindfulness Introduction course, run in the form of 60 min online sessions for 8 weeks. If you want to help your employees develop a mindfulness practice that will support their wellbeing longterm, this course is a great long term wellness strategy at your workplace. Written materials and audio meditations included for home practice.

Cost: €1200 for the 8 weeks. ( €150 per hour for group up to 25) 

  • 90 min long seminars, dedicated to cultivating wellbeing at work.   Practical tips and developing an understanding of the topic.


Seminars dedicated to developing knowledge and self-care practices in our daily life, and at wellness at work. You can choose from topics like improving sleep, stress reduction, mindfulness, relaxation, general wellbeing, mindful movement, mental health and Covid 19, and cultivating wellbeing at work. 

Cost: €300 group 10- 25. (For smaller or bigger groups contact us for quotation)

  • Pre-recorded meditation sessions.

For long term benefits of the mindfulness, relaxation or other wellbeing supporting practices, we will record video or audio practices for your group, which you can practice together on a daily or weekly basis.

Cost is dependent on your group size, length of the class and number of classes.

  • 90 min long workshops dedicated to enhancing teamwork and creative thinking, connecting your team with fun social games.

Creativity is a highly desired skill and required with many types of work, from education, engineering, designing to marketing.​ We'll focus on generating ideas, evaluating ideas and finding new life in old ideas. We use games, and kind compassionate communication tools to create a special bond amongst your team.

Cost: €300 group 10-25. (For smaller or bigger groups contact us for quotation)

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