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Mindfulness for pregnancy and childbirth 

 8-weeks course 

Starts on Tuesday the 7th of January 2020 



Mindfulness Haven Galway- Terryland House, Headford Rd. Galway

You can attend with your partner or on your own, however, it will be very beneficial to have your birthing partner with you.


Whether you are planning a home birth, hoping for natural birth without interventions, have planned C- section, or prefer medications for pain management during your childbirth this course will help you find peace with unexpected situations, manage fears and anxiety related to your childbirth and being a parent, help have more fulfilling and present experience of your birth, and assist you with all those changes in your life and body that come after you bring your baby home. 


You will learn mindfulness-based pain management, we will be concentration on managing fears, anxiety and learning about the role of relaxation during childbirth.

Some very specific massage techniques will be introduced for childbirth. 


This course will not help you to go mindfully through this powerful experience but also equip you with the skill that can be applied to your parenthood, and your whole life. Not only helping to manage unwanted sensations and situations but also enjoy life at the fullest, enjoying your parenthood, and looking after yourselves in those sensitive moments of postnatal adjustments.


We will practice in a small group- maximum 6 couples, supporting each other in this exiting process.


You can join any time, but the best results are seen when you take time for establishing your mindfulness practice before your childbirth. You can start the course as soon as you can, up until the late stages of your pregnancy. I even recommend this course for couples who only started to plan to get pregnant, and want to start discovering this wonderful tool, as it will serve you for the whole life.


As a mum of two boys, I experienced a traumatic birth full of pain, fear, unwanted intervention, resulting in PTSD for many years. I was lucky to learn meditation and had time to practice before my second childbirth. It was the most enjoyable and powerful experience I ever had in my life. Believe me, it wasn’t easy or painless but with mindful awareness, I was able to discover the beauty of it, through changing the relationship with fear and sensation called pain, and I was able to transform and heal my previous traumatic experience of the first childbirth. Birth can be a really powerful healing event. By being present during that time you give yourself a chance to step into your full power and beauty.

Do not take my word for it, there is a lot of research proving mindfulness is a fantastic and very beneficial tool for childbirth, reducing greatly need for interventions, and medication, reducing pain, fear, and have a very positive effect on mental state during the post-natal period. 


To be able to see the results you will have to commit to daily practice at home at least 30 min a day.



Cost: €390 per couple, €300 for a single mum (8*90 min sessions, printed materials, recorded guided practices, digital version of 2 relaxation CDs)