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What is Lomi-Lomi?


Lomi Lomi massage is known as the “hands of love”. This message originated from Hawaii. The style is a holistic Hawaiian temple bodywork which was practised by shamans to transform energy in important moments of people’s lives to create harmony and clarity within. This massage works in a gentle but powerful way, relieving physical and emotional tensions caused by energy blockages. It concentrates on loving touch, awareness of breathing and intention. It is done with slow rhythmic motion based on long, flowing massage strokes up, down, under and over the body which makes it a unique experience and helps to achieve deep relaxation. The sensation of floating on an ocean wave, often experienced during treatment, can be described as,  a surrender of self that brings about well-being and happiness.


Benefits Of Lomi-Lomi Massage:


- Increase of lymphatic flow

- Detoxification, pain relief

- Lowers blood pressure

- Helps you recognise and let go of daily tension

- Helps you let go of old patterns of holding emotions in your muscles

- Gives you better circulation, immune response, and nourished skin

- Improves  digestion

- Gives you a better range of motion, flexibility, posture and improves recovery time 

   from surgery or injury

- Increases creativity, concentration, mental alertness, courage to live your dreams

- Improves blood pressure, calms heart rate, brings a good night sleep

- Reduces anxiety, fears, worries


COST OF LOMI-LOMI  30 min- €40,  60 mim- €60,  75 min- €70, 90 min - €80



4 Hands Lomi-Lomi Massage


This unique and beautiful treatment is performed by 2 massage therapists, dedicated to assisting you on your journey of transformation. We are using Lomi techniques with very well synchronised movements to promote a deep feeling of relaxation with gentle, flowing massage strokes. Back massage can be done with the deep tissue strokes if you need it. This form of massage can work on a very deep emotional level,  helping you to heal traumas, stress and sadness held in the body, muscles and tissues. It helps to restore the natural flow of life force through nurturing and loving touch. 


COST OF 4 HANDS MASSAGE 60 min- €110,  90 min- €150


How is Lomi-Lomi performed?


Before your first Lomi massage, I would like to know your medical history and needs. so I ask for filling in a consultation form. In rare cases, to give I may request your G.P. approval for massage or according to serious contra-indications I can refuse to give a message. Coconut or other natural oil is warmed and spread on the body with great focus and intent to bring about the energetic opening for the highest possible good of the individual.

Deep breathing and focusing on positive intention helps a lot during the massage. If your mind wonders just breathe and count your blessings.

After the session, I always allow the client a private rest period in order to allow time for the body to absorb the Lomi Lomi deep within its cells. This is a form of silent meditation on and gratitude prayer for the sharing of energy among the client, practitioner and the highest powers that be. During the treatment time, I am present to listen to any concerns or emotions you may be experiencing at the moment.

Lomi- lomi massage is suited for most body types, shapes and sizes, as well as ages and life conditions. With few exceptions, to the exclusion of persons with: contagious diseases, infectious skin conditions, open sores, wounds, physical limitations for laying on the massage bed, severe breathing conditions, mental and emotional incapacities, Serious heart conditions, Some type of cancer and depends how long ago, Spine injuries Epilepsy Most other concerns can be addressed in order to determine suitability and specific modifications required to deliver the healing flow of lomi lomi massage. In some contra-indications, I can perform some Thai yoga techniques on the dressed body and the Tibetian singing bowls massage.