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Labour Massage


Labour Massage Training for Partners                        75 min - €60


This is a session designed to instruct labour partners in a massage they can use to help to deal with pain and relaxation during labour. I am a trained instructor, but I also tested each technique on myself during my labour, which was unmedicated, anesthetic free, resulting in a natural birth. 

Each woman will have different relaxation preferences, but there are few        massage techniques which I can definitely recommend for labour, not only for relaxation purposes but for intense waves of contractions and pushing stage to help you deal with pain.


During the session, I will teach your partner some massage techniques, which he or she will be practising on you.


I recommend at least 1 massage with me, so we can work out your preferences of touch and pressure.


Training can be done at any stage of pregnancy to give your partner tools to help you relax during the pregnancy, but labour massage techniques will be taught after 38 weeks to avoid early birth. I recommend then to practice it every day even for 15 minutes to help you preparing for the birth.


How does massage help relieve pain?

The touch during the labour can massively reduce a need for pain-killers and medical intervention for labour induction.It gives women opportunity to have a natural birth without anaesthetic. Massage stimulates the body to release endorphins which are natural pain-killing and mood-lifting hormones. In labour, massage is important because it brings you close to the person who is caring for you, be this your midwife or your birth companion. The touch of someone who loves you and wants to help you is very empowering when you're coping with contractions and are perhaps tired and frightened.

Touch tells a woman "I'm still here, I care about you and I will not leave you alone."

Touch also gives the woman a place to focus her mental energy, such as when you touch her belly to remind her to use abdominal breathing.

Touch can express love, such as the gentle brushing away of a hair from the face, or a hand on her cheek. Loving touch encourages relaxation.

Touch comforts the labouring mum and specific touch hold massage techniques can be used as an effective tool by the birth partner to buffer anxiety and pain during each contraction.

Amazingly, mums who receive supportive companionship show more bonding behaviours – making more eye contact with their baby, talk to the baby and touch their babies more.

Labour massage classes offer the mother and partner training in effective massage techniques to lower maternal stress, anxiety and pain during active labour.

These massage techniques used during the first stage of labour are specifically designed to support the woman with her breathing during contractions.


Your own personal retreat in Cong


Take a relaxing break in nature and experience rejuvenating pregnancy massage in a beautiful location in Cong, Co. Mayo.

Stay overnight in one of many accommodation options and choose one of our treatments or labour massage class with your partner.


Weekend Mum To Be Package includes:


80 min Pregnancy massage

60 min Labour massage class/ or any 60 min treatment including Sound massage 

30 min Back and neck massage/ or Legs and feet massage ( for you or your partner)


Special Package Price € 140​