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Mindfulness Haven Galway is located in Terryland House on Headford Rd. Galway


Welcome to a place for mindfulness and rest in Galway city. If you look to relax with a sound bath or learn stress managing techniques and practice yoga. The room is a fully equipped meditation and relaxation studio.

















This is a total 1250 sqft space (approximately 116 sqm ), which includes bathroom, shower, changing room, and storage for equipment. The main room has a panel floor and is about 860 sqft in size (approximately 80 sqm )

The room is a fully equipped meditation and relaxation studio. We have comfortable meditation cushions and chairs.

For sound bath relaxation, rebreathing workshops, or any form of relaxation we offer soft, comfortable mattresses, blankets, pillows, eye pillows to ensure total comfort and relaxation.

In the coming months, we are planning to soundproof the space.  

For practices like yin yoga, we offer yoga mats, blankets, pillows, and large bolsters, for both exercise and relaxation support.

This beautiful space is also available for rent to practitioners that focus on holistic, body and mental practice. We welcome teachers offering weekend courses, seminars, workshops, and regular classes. 


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We are offering sound relaxation sessions, regular meditation groups, and mindfulness courses. In the coming months, we hope to have yoga, pilates, and different forms of expression classes through singing, dancing, movement workshops with fantastic teachers from around the world.


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