Welcome to my site. My name is Kasia.

I am a certified mindfulness teacher trainer and meditation instructor, massage therapist, and sound relaxation facilitator. I originally come from Poland. I have been living in Ireland since 2005

I am dedicated to helping you to set yourself free from stress, and anxiety, so you can regain control over your life, approach challenges with confidence and excitement and start living with a greater sense of presence, awareness and joy.

Katarzyna Krzywon is a certified mindfulness instructor and trainer, sound bath and relaxation facilitator, and massage therapist, with a passion for exploring sound as a tool to enrich the process of relaxation, meditation, and self-healing.  


She promotes sound relaxation and meditation as a way of managing stress and supporting overall wellbeing and mental health. Her desire to help people led her to become the founder and owner of Sound Magic Ireland, which she has been managing since 2011, and led her to open a meditation studio Mindfulness Haven Galway in 2019. She delivers mindfulness courses and professional courses online, both in her native Polish language and in English.

Certificates and Education

In Poland, Kasia obtained a Level 7 NQAI Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Management. After graduation, she decided to move to Ireland and change her professional career to a massage therapist.  Over the years she gathered impressive professional certification in the wide field of holistic wellness and education. Above all her professional education, she attended a large number of workshops related to relaxation, therapy, sound healing, hypnotherapy, non-valiant communication, and more.

She is a certified trainer and professional instructor of mindfulness techniques for children and adults, with over 10 years of personal meditation practice.


My name is Lukasz

I am a musician, artist, writer, philosopher and group facilitator. Originally from Poland. I have been living in Ireland since 2005.

I love working with people, building and facilitating a connection, promoting wellbeing, creativity and critical thinking. 

Lukasz holds a master's degree in Philosophy. On a daily basis, he is teaching about the environment for a leading environmental charity in Ireland and runs Creative Together, which promotes creativity and critical thinking, engaging communities through arts. Lukasz is passionate about education.


He is a musician,  artist, and writer. He published two books: "Hidden shine. In the world of Carlos Castaneda" (2005), and "Philosophise with children. Handbook for facilitating philosophical inquiry with children and young people" (2019). Both books were published in Polish.  


Lukasz had his first powerful meditation and spiritual awakening experience about 30 years ago in his early teenage years. Since then he has dedicated a substantial part of his life to learn and practice different meditation techniques, holistic therapies, bodywork, yoga, Tai Chi, studying Buddhist philosophy, and other religious traditions. He started to teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes in 2005 in Galway when we moved to Ireland and now focused on using sound for wellbeing.

He is an experienced facilitator, working with small and large groups for the last 15 years. Every year he works with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds.

He loves to share his knowledge and experience, offering guidance, and facilitating a safe environment for everyone to work within themselves. He has a passion for working with younger generations and promoting mental wellbeing for men. He's been involved in men's circles since 2013.

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